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In today fast pace world, 90% of the time spent on any mobile device is spent on apps, as at August 2016, 70% – 75% of all online searches & traffic were done on mobile devices. Meaning that 70% to 75% of  a local business target audiences are interacting with the your competitors with a business mobile app in your geographic location  through their mobile apps and you are seriously missing out on all the action and ultimately possible revenue. Stop loosing money to your competitors with business mobile apps, let us assist in creating a mobile app for your business.  We create progressive web apps and native mobile app for local businesses so that your business too can say connected to you customers & the rest of the world. The types of business apps we create for local businesses are, progressive web app, native mobile apps for both Google Play Store & the Apple App Store.

Benefits of Business Apps

  • Build a stronger brand for local businesses.
  • It enables a business & its customers to connect & stay connected.
  • Send real-time push notifications & direct branded messages to business custoers & prospects.
  • Get referrals with a click of a button.
  • It fosters better relationships between a local business & its customers, potential customers.
  • Promotes effective advertising & marketing for local businesses.

Some of The Features of Our Business Apps


QR Coupons

Scratch Cards

Loyalty Cards

Code Scanner

Discount Programs

Appointment Scheduling

Customers Loyalty Cards

Push Notifications To Customers

Contest For Customer Engagement

We have Simplified The Process of Business Mobile App Creation & Acquisition For Local Businesses

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